“The Way is Clear, The Light is Good”

Tickets are on sale!

Folks, buy your tickets NOW. We’ve got a little over a month before we open. The way rehearsals are going, and with the kind of talent  we’ve assembled, you won’t get another chance to see a show like this.

We’re blocking our way through the woods! Now if only the weather cooperates…

We’re on our feet and putting the show together piece by piece. Into the Woods rehearsals had been going strong before Friday’s rehearsal was canceled (along with the rest of the school day) due to high winds. As a NYC kid growing up with brutal winters and a sum total of 2 or 3 days canceled during my entire academic career, all of these school closures have been disorienting. But what we have accomplished despite a whole host of scheduling conflicts and plenty of kids battling illnesses has given me a lot of confidence heading into a busy March and April.

Sondheim is an (evil) genius

One thing I can definitely say is how humbled I am by this musical. In particular, the music itself is just an awesome undertaking. So awesome in fact, that a key concept of the set design had to be reconfigured in order to accommodate the music itself. I won’t spoil anything, but you’ll thank me for it when you see (and hear) the show!

The Herndon “Improv-A-Thing”

On Thursday, we hosted a special sort of improv night where Herndon’s love of improv was on full display. While we’re hosting an FCPS-wide improv competition on May 18th, last Thursday was just for the locals. The improv teams of Herndon High School and Middle School and friends and families got together to play on the main stage. It was a great night, and my favorite part was that we decided last minute to ditch our traditional competition format and just played. Teams were mixed by grade, so nobody stayed inside their own bubbles, and the results were fantastic. I look forward to making this HHS/HMS improv night a yearly tradition.

Stage Russia 

In lieu of the first scheduled community build day for Into the Woods on Saturday (which had been canceled due to high winds), I attended a showing of “Three Sisters” by Anton Chekhov. This particular production was filmed before an audience in Novosibirsk, Russia, and is being distributed to movie theatres across the country (the theater I attended was in Reston). Filming theatre for a moviegoing audience is an incredible challenge, but this “Three Sisters” did not disappoint. The most stunning piece of the performance was that it was performed almost entirely in Russian sign language (with English subtitles). I teach my students about the value of silence, and in this production the silence was powerful. I learned that this particular production was rehearsed for nearly two years in order to teach the actors how to sign, and then stage the play itself. What a dream it must be to rehearse for such a long time and see the result play out in such beautiful fashion!

Theatre in Our Schools

March is Theatre in Our Schools month. During this month please take the opportunity to share the impact that theatre has made on your life or the life of someone you love. As a recipient of a specialized education in drama in high school, I can personally express my gratitude for Theatre in schools. The classes I received, the classes I teach, and the plays I direct teach kids to perform under pressure. But while the memories of those performances  fade with time, the skills of leadership, listening, problem-solving, situational awareness, and collaboration never leave.

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