Our Director

Raphael Schklowsky

Herndon High School Theatre Director

Raphael Schklowsky (Sh-GLOVE-Ski) is a graduate of the Drama Department at LaGuardia High School (the “Fame” school) in New York City. Mr. Schklowsky is also one of the only Americans to have graduated from the full four-year course of study at the Moscow Art Theatre School (MXAT) in Moscow, Russia. After co-founding a theatre company with his graduating class (Studio Six of the Moscow Art Theatre) in 2005, he has acted and directed in productions in New York City, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Montreal, Baltimore, and more. Following a five-year foray into the legal field, Mr. Schklowsky returned to theatre as an educator and received his Master’s degree in Educational Theatre from the City College of New York. Mr. Schklowsky speaks three languages (English, Russian, and Spanish) and is thrilled to be part of the theatre ensemble here at Herndon High School.

Mr. Schklowsky
(703) 810-2341