Homecoming parade reflections

Why I love my job reason #465

Last year’s Herndon Homecoming parade was my first homecoming ever. Growing up in New York City, I don’t remember ever hearing about homecoming outside of TV or movies. While last year was a lot of fun, it was all just so new to me that I couldn’t plan, prepare, or execute since I didn’t know what to expect. This year, homecoming parade totally snuck up on me (it was earlier in the year than last year’s) but I was still ready.

We had a strong showing and promoted Twelfth Night by wearing whatever costumes we had, while the rest of us wore HHS Theatre t-shirts from past productions. But most importantly, we grew as an ensemble. There’s something so incredibly rewarding about being a part of something that gives young people a feeling of belonging. While we handed out flyers to adults and lollipops to kids, we worked as a unit and had fun doing it.

I look forward to next year’s parade, knowing full well that I belong to a community that brings people together and embraces everyone. I bring that philosophy to my theatre classroom and my productions, so I am so glad that the community around me reflects that philosophy.


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