Drama Boosters

Getting Involved


How can I get involved/help out?

The Drama Boosters is a group of parents who work to support the drama program at Herndon HS.  Consider volunteering for something small. You might start with working concessions, flowers or tickets on show nights. This is a good way to get to know people and know the families of the students your child is hanging out with. It’s also a great way to stay connected with your child and their interests.

What if my child says he doesn’t want me getting involved?

The short answer – don’t listen to them!

The longer one – even when our kids tell us not to be involved, generally they like to see their parents interested in their activities.

Sometimes they feel like they have to tell us not to be involved, as if to prove their independence. That’s part of the growing up process. If your child insists that you shouldn’t get involved, remind him or her that if every parent stayed away, the Drama Boosters couldn’t do any of its fun activities. We need as many parents as we can to help!

Is there something I can do that lets me help without appearing too involved?

There are plenty of times and places that you can help without being “in the way” of your child. When there is a show running, you can be behind the concession stand, or sell flowers or tickets on show nights. Attend a Drama Boosters meeting and ask about behind-the-scenes fund-raising, publicity and other projects.

You're a Booster If You . . .

  • support your child's interest in drama
  • help out at a show
  • alter a costume
  • send in snacks during Hell Week
    or for a party
  • paint sets
  • contribute financially to the program
  • do one of a million other things it takes to make a show happen


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