Cappies Critics

The Cappies is an awards and writing program, in which high school theatre and journalism students receive training as critics. They attend local school productions, write reviews, and publish those reviews in local newspapers. They also vote for awards that are presented at the Annual Cappies Gala. The Cappies Gala is the culminating event where individual students, casts, and school productions are recognized for achievement.  The program serves 24 FCPS high schools and approximately 2,500 students.

To be considered for Cappies Critic, students submit a sample critique. Each selected student then attends five shows and writes critiques on each.

2023-2024 Herndon High School Cappies Critics

Lead Critic:  Val Altmiller (12)

Charly Olsen (12) 

Ellen Lawton (11)

Gaby Bradley (12)

Morgan Butler (12)

Christa Anderson (11)

Nora Blythe (11)

Hailey Klein (11)

Cece Meza (11)