Can’t Fake The Funk

So inspired, I had to blog about it.

This weekend, we open the first entirely student-directed and designed TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) play of my tenure at Herndon High School. Directed by two seniors in my Advanced Theatre Arts class, Alice in Funkyland is an original adaptation of the classic children’s story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll set in a 1970’s world full of groovy music, bright colors, and a funky vibe that is undeniably fun for all audiences. As a piece that was largely devised from scratch, the acting in the show combines some impressive improv skills from the cast, and creative physicality prompted by the two student directors.

Original poster design by L. Megahed

As the director of the HHS Theatre Department, I aspire to make every play and musical we produce a learning experience for everyone involved, myself included. In this particular production, I learned the incredibly important lesson of stepping back and relinquishing creative control to two of the most experienced students in this department. This lesson has been both humbling and awe-inspiring. I have been humbled through witnessing so many of the artistic values I promote in my classes and productions being practiced; proof that my hard work is actually paying off. I am awed by the character, artistic spirit, and creativity of the people whom I have put in charge. Their work has inspired me to make bolder choices in my own practice, and makes me hopeful for the future of our art-form.

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