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Notes from a Stumble Through Rehearsal

This ensemble rolls with the punches but comes out swinging.  Last Thursday and Friday night we attempted to perform a “stumble-through” rehearsal of all five acts of Twelfth Night with both casts. I knew it wouldn’t be a cake walk for a multitude of reasons. As we near the end of the first marking period,…

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Homecoming parade reflections

Why I love my job reason #465 Last year’s Herndon Homecoming parade was my first homecoming ever. Growing up in New York City, I don’t remember ever hearing about homecoming outside of TV or movies. While last year was a lot of fun, it was all just so new to me that I couldn’t plan, prepare, or…

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Introductory Blog Post

I’m so excited to officially inaugurate the Director’s Blog! The school year has started at a furious pace! Rehearsals for Twelfth Night are well underway! Our improv team is practicing weekly, and our ITS troupe has already started to organize a jam-packed year of events. Please check back here for updates as things are heating…

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